Your dreams remember you...

Stephanie Lenchard-Warren is a painter-illustrator and singer-songwriter whose work explores the self in nature and its connection to the nature within the self. Dream-like, expressive, and hyper-colored, her work exists in the fantastical world of the inner child, while viewed from the lens of the wise adult, blending with darker themes such as life and death, scars and healing, trauma and self autonomy. Praising the dichotomous nature of cycles in night and day, life and death, innocence and wisdom, her work is expressive and free flowing, yet organized and idealized. It offers a meeting place for the uninhibited self and the analytical self. 

Enamored by the natural world around her, Stephanie began creating art inspired by her interactions with nature at a very young age.  As a child, she saw colors that she was told were “not there,” and eventually was diagnosed with a form of synesthesia, a neurological condition which causes her to feel and perceive colors as emotional attributes. She attended the Art Institute of Chicago's Early College Program at the age of 16 and holds a BFA in Painting and Creative Writing from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she developed her thesis on comparisons between human and arboreal anatomy. WØLFS was shy as a child due to her negative perception of her raspy speaking, but loved music and would often sing to herself when no one else was listening. After moving to Santa Fe in her 20’s and falling in with a musician crowd, her voice was discovered and encouraged, and she began song-writing and singing publicly. 

Manifesting in sight and sound, the work of Stephanie LW illuminates the depths of our inner most selves and our subsequent connection to the outer world, shaping our identities and perceptions in a web of life and dark, new and old, life and death, and all the beautiful, ugly, incredible ways we experience what it means to exist.