Stephanie Lenchard-Warren, also known as SLW, is a synesthetic artist exploring science and nature primarily through abstract realism. Grounded in a passion for science, she works with the elements and perception to explore the self in nature as well as the nature within the self.


Stephanie began creating art inspired by her interactions with nature at a very young age, enamored by the natural world around her. Born with tetrachromacy and a form of synesthesia that causes her to feel colors, her process is guided by intensely vivid spectrums of emotion that express her perception of life through color and light. Stephanie attended the Art Institute of Chicago's Early College Program at the age of 16 and holds a BFA in Painting and Creative Writing from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, where she developed her thesis on comparisons between human and arboreal anatomy and worked with scientific mentors in lab and field studies. Her work incorporates the sciences of botany, anatomy, zoology, biology, psychology, and physics, while also drawing on the power of symbolisms and archetypes. 


SLW’s work underscores our inherent connections with the universe and the intersecting roles its ubiquitous elements play in our identities. Her work displays how intuition, symbolism, perception, emotion, understanding, and the great unknown intersect to embody an empowering spiritual rendering of our natures, and the great web of life we are all connected by.


SLW lives with her wolfish dog, Cobalt, in the high desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico. You can follow their adventures on Instagram